Training & Trials

Under 7 & 94:45pm - 6:00pmTuesdayTramway St, Ferny Grove
Under 11 & 135:00pm - 6:30pmTuesdayTramway St, Ferny Grove
Under 13 Turf5:00pm - 6:30pmMondayBurringbar Park, Chermside
Junior Grass (14-17yr)5:30pm - 7:00pmWednesday   Tramway St, Ferny Grove
Junior Turf 1 & 35:30pm - 7:00pmMondayBurringbar Park, Chermside
Senior Grass  
6:30pm - 8:00pm  WednesdayTramway St, Ferny Grove
Senior TurfVaries
Wed/Thurs  SHC/Easts

Trials 2018

Under 11's & 13's5:00pm - 7:00pmMarch 8thFinsbury Park
JT1/3 & 13T3:00pm - 6:00pm February 4thRedcliffe Turf
Junior GrassTBA

Why do we have trials?

Why is the club trialling?


Like any competitive sport, hockey is more enjoyable if you are playing alongside and against like-minded and equal ability peers. We conduct trials to have the best teams for the different levels within the turf /grass competition. As such there are no guarantees for individuals that they will be selected in the same grade as in previous years. We believe this to be fair for both existing and new members. As per previous years there will be external selectors helping coaches select the teams for 2018. With this in mind, here are some of the reason Arana Ascot have taken the initiative to hold trials for teams in 2018.


  • Club Growth - Our club has grown significantly over the past few years and is predicted to grow even further in the years to come.  We are now fielding more than one team in most age divisions.
  • Competing at right level - By selecting like-minded players in the same teams, we are ensuring our teams are competing at a level in which all players are capable.
  • Training and Coaching - Our coaches will find planning and running training sessions much smoother as all players are at a similar level of ability.
  • Representative Duties - For BWHA representative team trials, representatives are chosen and usually evaluated in higher teams
  • Attracting talent to club – Clubs with higher correctly graded teams attract future players
  • Club Recognition – Clubs with a higher level of achievement and representations gain higher recognition in hockey fraternity
  • Limited playing positions – Hockey teams only field 11 players generically with 2-3 reserves maximum, we need to ensure we maximise valuable playing time


Club coaches will be evaluating each player based on a merit under four distinct areas – Technique, Tactics, Speed and Personality

What will help my child at the trials?

  • Be physically and mentally prepared for the trials
  • Bring a never give up attitude
  • Bring all the necessary equipment i.e. shin pads, drink bottle, stick, mouthguard
  • Use your voice during drills and games to encourage other team members
  • Be coachable, listen to the coach and ask appropriate questions, pay attention to what the coach asks
  • Have fun and bring a positive attitude


One last point, if your child fails to make a top team, don’t be disappointed or angry. Ask the coaches for feedback of improvement areas and how your child can improve their hockey.

Wet Weather

Our fields at Ferny Grove drain well which means our trainings are unlikely to be called off.
If in the event of storms/lighting/heavy rain and we are unable to train you will receive a email/text from coach or manager when they have made a decision. Also check out our facebook page as that is updated all the time. 

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